Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Door County Sunset

Door County Sunset
Advanced Generation Lutea Hybrid Tree Pony
APS Registration - (Bill Seidl), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, July 9, 1996. Seedling #SH-106. Parentage (SH-11: Daphnis 223 x Chinese Dragon) x Golden Era. Hybrid tree peony. First bloomed 1989 as a four-year-old seedling. Cream base overlaid dusky rose, darker picotee and flares, single, up to 15 petals. Reliable, 1-3 buds per stem, stamen, pollen, seeds and fragrant. Good substance. Floriferous as lateral flowers are freely produced, up to 60 blossoms per plant. Good carriage, vigorous, very good stem strength, blooms mid-season. Blooms well after the coldest Winters. Clump size is 36" high x 40" wide. Fertile both ways. Residents and tourists in Door County, Wisconsin see beautiful sunsets over the waters of Green Bay, hence the name.

This is a beautiful flower that starts out sort of tropical punch orange/red tone. As the flower matures, the depth of tone fades out and the yellow underneath shows through creating a two toned flower not unlike a deeper colored Peace rose or a changeable, two-toned orange tropical waterlily. This cultivar is said to be fertile both ways. Of the lutea hybrids I grow, this one holds its flowers up the most. They are not upright, but hang more out than down, unlike some of the other lutea hybrids.

This shot of the flower from the back shows the subtle coloring in the final stages of the flower's color change and a strong striation of color. Note how the flower petal is lighter in the center with a darker edging and the striation radiates out through the center of the flower. This is a gorgeous and subtle flower. I am hoping to hybridize with this cultivar.

Danny Boy

Danny Boy
Hybrid Herbaceous Peony

Bred by Don Hollingsworth

I love this peony. It is tall with stout stems. The color is a lovely peach tone with a pale but bright pink flare inside the petal. Beautiful and fertile. I look forward to breeding with this cultivar in the future.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow

APS Registration -
ROY PEHRSON'S BEST YELLOW - (Roy Pehrson. Lafayette, Minn. 1982).Parentage - Quad F2 (an off white) x Moonrise F2 (pink). First bloomed 1971. Medium height, good stems, dark green foliage. Soft yellow color, flower of good size and substance. Satisfactory seed maker, making pods of medium size. Good pollen. Registered by Chris Laning 1982. Bulletin # 242.

This is a wonderful light yellow early peony. It is an herbaceous hybrid and is fertile. Produces copious amounts of pollen and set seeds easily. It is presumed to be a tetraploid. I found this cultivar to be very sturdy in the garden and to have very sturdy flowers, holding up in rain, and strong stems that supported the flowers well. Side buds gave a longer blooming season, which was nice. This cultivar should be much more widely grown.